How should we use pure and diluted essences?

The essential oils have been of great help throughout history in smoothing out or resolving various ailments who have suffered different cultures. In fact, there are several ways to enjoy the essences, either in their diluted or pure form. However, it is not appropriate to replace every treatment with essential oils, as they are intended to improving our well-being physical and mental, more not cure diseases. This is why we would like to explain to you the most common methods to be able to use these essences and enjoy their benefits to the full.


First, we will start with the steamersThese allow us to raise the temperature of herbs or oils to bring them to their optimum temperature. boiling pointThis way we can obtain their effects by means of a vapour that shares the pleasant aroma and the benefits of these herbs, oils or flowers.
On the other hand, there are the essential oil burnerswhich release the contents into the air and operate by means of a ceramic container which evaporates the essential oil content using heat from a source.

The most suitable essence format for this method is pure essence, as its benefits will not be lost through vaporisation, unlike in the case of diluted essence.


Following on from the diffusersas the ones we offer in our online shopThere are various types of vaporisers, whether for home, car or portable use. In reality, these devices are the opposite of vaporisers, because they do not create smoke with the scent provided, but spread the mixed contents, with or without water, in the environment on a regular but intermittent basis.

This method for using essential oils can be used with essences pure and dilutedThe effectiveness will depend on whether the diffuser dilutes the mixture with water or not.

We invite you to take a look at the diffusers we offer in our online shop, so you can choose the one you like best.


As a third method of using essential oils, we consider the direct application to the skinDepending on what we want to treat, it may be the most appropriate solution. However, we know that the skin is sensitiveand with respect to essences no less so, which is why we recommend using essential oils only diluted.

We can apply our essence wherever we want, but mainly, we will want to place it under the nostrils, if we want to enjoy its aroma, or in the desired area to take advantage of its benefits. We can buy diluted essential oils, or dilute them ourselves with water or other vegetable oils suitable for the skin.
Our catalogue has a wide variety from diluted essential oils at your disposal, so you can choose your favourite.

Using a few drops of essence diluted in an oil base (such as almond oil) helps to combat certain dermatitis and rashes.


The use of rosemary as an infusion provides very useful benefits.

Finally, we mention the method for using the pure and diluted essences with greater effectiveness. While ingesting the essences is not advisable to do so undiluted, the great effect that they have when ingested is greater than with any other method. This is why they have to be diluted, as their pure form can be very intense, which will cause discomfort and end up being counterproductive.

With all this, we recommend mixing a couple of drops of your pure essence in a glass of water or herbal tea to be ingested safely and securely. For this method we recommend the ayurvedic essencesThe psychoactive effects are more deeply ingrained in our minds.

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