Blog of the properties and benefits
of organic essences and incense

Blog specialising in medicinal properties and benefits

Organic incense and essences from organically grown crops

Welcome to our online shop of organic essences and incense! We will dive into an exciting universe, unveiling their secrets, properties and the countless benefits they can bring to our lives. Have you ever wondered how these organic products can transform your days, improve your state of mind and your encouragement or even influence your physical well-being? You are in the right place to find out.

In this Blog we will explore a wide variety of plants to produce incense and essences, and how they have been used medicinally and throughout history by cultures y ancestral traditions. We'll take you by the hand through their medicinal properties so you can learn how to benefit from it. Enjoy the benefits and seductive aromas of the sandalwoodthe sweetness of the jasminethe freshness of the eucalyptus and the enveloping calm of the lavender and more!

Our entries in chronological order

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