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Notice of the online shop inciensoshop to buy organic and natural incense, essences and oils.

See forbidden the reproduction, duplication, redistribution and/or marketing, total o partialof the contents of the website incensoshop.com, except with consent prior written consent of Emmanuel Torras Mataand as stated in the Terms of use/access of the inciensoshop.com website.

1.- Object

The purpose of these General Conditions of Access and Use (hereinafter the Conditions of Use) is to regulate the conditions of use and utilisation of the Internet website(s) located at the address inciensoshop.com with TIN 44009655Y, registered office at Anselm Clave 26, bajos - CP 08182 - San Feliu de Codines - Barcelona - Spain.
Inciensoshop.com has been prepared to disclose and allow access to the information contained therein, subject to the restrictions and limitations imposed by these Terms and Conditions. General Terms and Conditions as well as allowing and enabling access to other pages with which the inciensoshop.com website has commercial, professional or any other type of relationship.
The corporate purpose of inciensoshop.com is: an online sales platform for products related to activities such as Yoga, Tantra and spiritual practices.

Rights and obligations of the user

2.1- Conditions of access and use

Through the address located at inciensoshop.com any user may access the information contained on the aforementioned WEBSITE free of charge.
The conditions of access to the website are subject to the legal provisions in force at any given time as well as to the principles of good faith and lawful use by the UserThe user is expressly and strictly prohibited from any type of action that could be detrimental or prejudicial to the Portal or third parties.
The web does not require prior subscription nor registration for simple browsing or for access to or use of certain services on the website. On the other hand, in order to receive e-mail notifications of new offers or discounts, it is necessary to subscribe.
Services or content that require a subscription for access or use will be accompanied by the corresponding notice of the need for subscription. With regard to the processing of personal data, see the inciensoshop.com Privacy Policy.

2.1.1- Acceptance of terms and conditions/User registration

The mere use of the website or the confirmation of the corresponding field in the registration process as a Subscriber User shall imply acceptance of the general conditions of use of inciensoshop.com.
The inciensoshop.com website will provide all users with the possibility of accessing the contents, services and other information concerning the corporate purpose of this entity.
These terms of use constitute the entire agreement between the parties regarding access and use.
Inciensoshop.com is empowered to unilaterally modify any and all of the obligations set forth in the present General Conditions of Use without prior notice.
It is also empowered to restructure, modify or delete any information, service or content included on the website, without prior notice. The modification of any of these general conditions for a particular case will only be valid when it has been made in writing and signed by the legal representatives of each party.
In the same way, inciensoshop.com reserves the right to access permit or use of some of the Services of the website, now or in the future, and may require the condition of Subscribed User for access, a condition which in this case may be obtained by inserting the user's email address in the corresponding User subscription box that inciensoshop.com will make available to Users who so wish.

2.1.2- Accuracy of data

By the completion of these forms, subscription boxes or similar tools, the USER acknowledges that the data provided are obtained directly from the user, truthful and true, undertaking to notify inciensoshop.com of any change or modification to the same.

2.2- Content and user actions

The User undertakes to make lawful, diligent, honest and correct use of any information or content accessed either through the inciensoshop.com website or third parties previously provided by inciensoshop.com and all of this under the principles of good faith and with respect at all times to the current legislation.
The User shall refrain from obtaining, except for personal use, any information (information being understood as any message, sound files, photographs, drawings, software and in general any kind or type of computer file, graphic, etc.) that is the property of the website.
Likewise, the User undertakes not to maliciously or intentionally cause damage or harm that may undermine or alter the website itself, nor to introduce or disseminate computer viruses that may cause unauthorised alterations to the contents or systems comprising the website.
The commitment acquired must be governed by the use of the contents in accordance with the provisions of the law, morality and public order; not to copy, reproduce, distribute, transfer, transform or modify the contents without the prior written consent of inciensoshop.com or a person delegated by it.
In this respect, inciensoshop.com is exonerated from any type of computer failure or virus. introduced by third parties.
To comply with all the requirements laid down in relation to intellectual, industrial and other similar property rights.
The information provided on the inciensoshop.com website shall at no time be considered to be complete or exhaustive. Inciensoshop.com will do its utmost to constantly update this information.
Inciensoshop.com declares that the service/product offered on the website corresponds to the description of the same.
However, we shall not be liable in the event of technical or human error or variations between the images, the description and the price.
It is also made clear that the photographs are merely indicative and that there may be variations in their physical appearance but without undermining the integrity and performance of the service/product offered and/or requested.
Inciensoshop.com disclaims any responsibility for the content, information, opinions or comments disseminated through its website and shall not be liable for the use that the User makes of this information.

3.- Rights and obligations of inciensoshop.com online shop for organic and natural incense, essences and oils.

Inciensoshop.com is solely and exclusively responsible for the services it provides itself and for the content directly originated by the website itself and identified with its corresponding copyright.
Inciensoshop.com is committed to adopting the necessary means and measures to ensure security and privacy in communications. Inciensoshop.com shall not be liable when the relevant security measures are adopted and these are violated by external agents.
Inciensoshop.com shall not be liable, even indirectly or subsidiarily, for any content, information, opinion or statement of any kind, which originates from the User or third parties or entities that access, transmit, communicate, process, display or sell such information to the website owned by Inciensoshop.com
Inciensoshop.com reserves the right to temporarily suspend the provision of the service without prior notice to the User, provided that this is necessary to carry out maintenance, updating or improvement of the service.
Likewise, it may modify the conditions of access or the specific location of the content of the website, as well as prevent, restrict, block, suppress or withdraw access to the services to Users when they do not make lawful, honest and diligent use of the services provided on the website.
In the same vein, you can remove, block or restrict the use of content posted by third parties that is unlawful, racist, criminal, in support of terrorism, in violation of human rights, defamatory, pornographic, constitutes fraud or in any other way infringes applicable national or international laws or regulations.
Inciensoshop.com does not guarantee the permanent availability and continuity of the website due to interruptions, failures, etc. nor is it liable for any damages that may be caused to users by computer viruses or external agents that third parties may deposit on the website or in the electronic documents and files stored in the computer system.
The Website makes available to Users certain tools such as tabs, buttons, banners, links or links that allow the User to access content or other sites related to web activity or other different. The installation of these tools are ultimately intended to provide and facilitate navigation to the user, not being responsible Inciensoshop.com of the websites to which the user accesses through its page, as far as the right to honor may affect the information provided.
For its part, Inciensoshop.com will try to the best of its ability to check these hyperlinks, restricting, blocking or suspending these buttons when they violate the principle described in these Terms and Conditions.

Intellectual property

All content accessed through the service provided by Inciensoshop.com is subject to the terms and conditions of the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights of Inciensoshop.com or third parties.
Such content may not be used, duplicated, distributed, sold, exploited or otherwise exploited for any commercial or non-commercial purpose whatsoever without the prior written consent of the copyright holder. inciensoshop.com.
Inciensoshop.com shall also be responsible for the brands, logos and other distinctive signs that are incorporated in any part of the website and which are the property of Inciensoshop.com, as well as the owner of all Intellectual or Industrial Property rights or as licensee of the same.
All the contents and integral parts of the Inciensoshop.com website have been included in accordance with the principles of good faith, indicating that the information may come totally or partially from sources external to the entity itself, for which reason Inciensoshop.com accepts no responsibility whatsoever for the inaccuracy or failure to update the contents shown.
On the other hand, all content from internal sources will be duly identified with their copyright. The entity reserves the right to make any changes at any time without prior notice. All content included on the site from internal sources that carry their identifying sign of copyright, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of Inciensoshop.com.

5.- Data protection

Inciensoshop.com fully aware of the use and treatment that should be given to personal data and in accordance with existing legal regulations in this regard. (GPRD and LSSICE)has a system in place within its organisation to preserve the security, integrity and confidentiality of personal data.
For this purpose, in addition to fully complying with each and every one of the requirements set forth in the Organic Law 15/1999of 13 December, of Protection of Personal Dataand those provided for in the Law 34/2002 LSSICEguarantees not only lawful but also fair use of personal data as well as an adequate system for exercising the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition provided for in the aforementioned law. Organic Law.
In accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy of Inciensoshop.com it is noted that any person may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition by sending an e-mail to the address info@inciensoshop.com. In this regard see Privacy Policy of the Portal Inciensoshop.com.

6.- Jurisdiction and legislation

These General Conditions are subject to Spanish law, which shall be applicable in relation to their validity, interpretation, execution and fulfilment.
All discrepancies, claims and disputes in respect of the above shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the rules of the Civil and Commercial Court of Arbitration of Barcelona, to whose rules they shall be subject.
The award shall be made by three arbitrators appointed in accordance with the aforementioned regulations. If the arbitration does not take place by mutual agreement or is declared null and void, both parties submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction, if any other.
The User declares that he/she has read, knows and accepts these terms and conditions. General Conditions of Use-Access to its full extent.

7.- Data protection

In accordance with the Law 15/1999 of personal data and the law 34/2002 of the Information Society (LSSICE) we inform you that there are different ways for your personal or commercial data to be included in our file and therefore different purposes and uses of your data in the future, always with your consent:
Contact or Enquiry Form: If you give your consent before sending the query or contact form your data will be part of our file and the purpose will be to send you any information about Inciensoshop.com, (commercial, new products, offers, subscriptions, promotions, corporate information, ...), hereinafter GENERAL INFORMATION.
User registration form: In this case your data will be processed for the purpose of being able to carry out the shipment of the order and administrative procedures. In addition, if you give your consent to register as a user via web or through your Facebook authentication, your data will be part of our file and the purpose will be to send you any information about Inciensoshop.com, (commercial, new products, offers, subscriptions, promotions, corporate information,...), hereinafter GENERAL INFORMATION.
You may at any time contact info@inciensoshop.com to change your preferences regarding the information you wish to receive or your wish not to receive any information, or to change your personal data or the address to which the information is sent.
You can unsubscribe from receiving GENERAL INFORMATION or any other type of information by sending an email to info@inciensoshop.com. Sending an email to info@inciensoshop.com or by post for changes in data, registrations or cancellations will require identification, see the Privacy Policy (rights of access, rectification and cancellation).
Therefore: If you have subscribed, registered or given your consent in any of the contact forms on www.Inciensoshop.com, your data will be included in an automated file owned by Enmanuel Torras Mata, with address at Calle Pintor Mir, 18, 08031, Barcelona, Spain, in order to identify you in the case of registration as a user, keep you informed in the case of subscription and send you commercial information from Inciensoshop.com in any case, and provided that you have given your consent to receive this type of information.
You have the right to access this file for information, rectification or, where appropriate, cancellation of your data when you so wish. See Privacy Policy.
If your data have been collected for the use of any information service that does not require registration or subscription and you have not given your consent to receive future information on promotions and news from Inciensoshop.com, they will be deleted once the query or information requested has been resolved, i.e. they will not be stored in our database.

8.- Privacy policy in our online shop for buying incense, essences and oils

In accordance with the provisions of the General Conditions of Access and Use of the Website of Inciensoshop.comWe would like you to know, through this page, what criteria and rules we follow with regard to the use of the data that you freely and voluntarily provide us with through our website.
Our criteria and rules, i.e. our data protection policy, may change over time due to possible legislative changes or changes in the criteria followed by the Data Protection AgencyIf you feel that we have not complied with any of what we have told you on this page, please contact us.
If there are any changes we will keep you informed through this page.
Inciensoshop.com informs its customers that Users that throughout the website there are different data collection tools (forms, participation in sweepstakes, ...) used by the user to request information, make queries, request subscription to Inciensoshop.com or to register as a user to access certain services.
The completion of these forms or data collection tools and the prior consent by the user will imply the inclusion of his/her data in our file, informing him/her in this respect that:

8.1- Accuracy of data

For the completion of these forms or similar tools, the USER acknowledges that the data provided are truthful and true, by agreeing to notify Inciensoshop.com of any change or modification that takes place in them.

8.2- Existence of a file and location

Inciensoshop.com informs the USER that the personal data collected in these forms will be provided to Inciensoshop.com directly by the user, or if they intervene, by their salesperson, agent or value-added distributor, to be entered in a file created and maintained under the responsibility of Inciensoshop.com, whose location is at the company's headquarters.
The said file or database is fully identified and registered with the Data Protection Agency under the name USERSThe data requested are at all times guaranteed to be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the use for which they have been collected.
The fields that make up the registration, information, registration or subscription forms may be mandatory or optional, both for free services and for those that require the status of registered user. Inciensoshop.com does not at any time impose on the User the obligation to fill in certain fields that are not relevant, but requests that other fields be filled in that are necessary for their management, processing and verification, as well as for sending the information requested. We also inform you that if you do not fill in the fields considered obligatory, the service linked to the form will not be carried out, whether it is a request for information, an estimate or a user registration, and in the latter case you will not be considered a Registered User.
The USER authorises Inciensoshop.com, its agents, its sales representatives and its distributors whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the Service, to treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 Decemberof Protection of Personal Data and for the purposes set out below.

8.3- Purposes of data collection

Inciensoshop.com declares that the personal data collected will be used to send the following information GENERAL INFORMATION of the company, with prior consent, as well as to identify the recipients of the services requested in the case of registered users, and in order to process and manage the technical and administrative tasks necessary to provide the service requested and/or contracted by said users or clients, as the case may be, and in order to report our best attention to the User at all times.
Inciensoshop.com informs the USER that the personal data collected may be used to measure the USER's interest in the quality of the services provided, in order to improve and adjust them to the preferences of the USER. CLIENT.
Your personal data may also be used to develop new services and to send you commercial information about the products and services offered by Inciensoshop.com, provided that you have given your consent to receive this type of information.
Such commercial information shall be sent to the e-mail address provided by the USERidentifying the communication as advertising information so that the USER can delete the advertising message from the first moment, all without prejudice to their right to object to receiving this type of communication.
Your personal data may also be used for the periodic registration of registrations and cancellations of contracted services, as well as to assess the demand for services, the loyalty of customers, and to provide you with the information you provide. USER and the effect that specific promotions or commercial communications may have on that demand.
The data will be computerised by qualified Inciensoshop.com personnel and access to it will be restricted to those who, by virtue of their position, should have access to this information.
In the event that the user makes a simple query and does not agree to receive future information, his or her data will be deleted once the query has been resolved.
Inciensoshop.com also informs the Registered WEB Users to have this condition, Inciensoshop.com always requires the completion of a form where certain personal data of the Users must be entered, as well as a username and password that Inciensoshop.com will register to identify you in future accesses.
These personal data will be entered into a Database property of Inciensoshop.com in order to verify user accesses and provide the requested service by means of authentication.
In turn, this data may be used to send commercial information, promotions or company news as long as the registered user has so requested.
If the registered user does not wish to receive future information from Inciensoshop.com, he/she should indicate this at the time of registration or at any time after registration by any of the available means.
Whether or not you choose to receive future information from Inciensoshop.com, your data must remain in our database to enjoy the status of registered user and access to areas that require it.

8.4- Security measures and guarantees of our online shop inciensoshop

Inciensoshop.com guarantees that your personal data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and secrecy, Inciensoshop.com adopting the basic level security measures applicable to them to prevent their loss, alteration, treatment or unauthorised access by third parties.

Inciensoshop.com also undertakes to apply the following guarantees:
1- Not to transfer the data collected to third parties under any circumstances.
2- To use personal data solely and exclusively for the purposes indicated.
3- To remove personal data from the USER within four years of the termination of the service, at which time the data will be integrated into a restricted-access historical archive created for statistical, administrative, fiscal and/or judicial controls.

8.5- Relations with third parties

Inciensoshop.com hereby informs you that a copy of the file USERS where your data are included is housed in a data centre with maximum security guarantees, in order to receive the provision of services from our Internet provider and to carry out user authentication when accessing Inciensoshop.com to make online purchases.

In those cases in which Inciensoshop.com plans to transfer your personal data to third parties, it will obtain your unequivocal consent beforehand to carry out such transfers by informing you in the corresponding electronic registration or application forms of the purpose or purposes for which the data to be transferred will be used, as well as the identity and type of activity of the transferee.
The CLIENT's personal data may be accessed by third party companies or professionals whose intervention is necessary for the provision of the service (such as administrative management services, data transmission, data collection, data storage, etc.) and with which Inciensoshop.com, for this purpose and as the party responsible for the file, will enter into a service contract with the company in question, which will act as Data Processor in accordance with Law 15/99 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data.
This contract will contain Inciensoshop.com's instructions to the Data Processor for the use of the data, the level and security measures applicable to the data and the guarantees established for the use and elimination of the data once the contracted service has been completed.
The personal data of the CUSTOMERS are not subject to any international transfer.
In the event that Inciensoshop.com, in the future, plans to carry out an international movement of data, it will previously communicate this transfer to those affected, once it has verified the non-application of the prohibitions set out in the Law 15/99 of 13 December 1999 on the Protection of Personal Data.

8.6- Exercising rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition

The USER may at any time request access to the personal data file stored in Inciensoshop.com in order to obtain information about the data subject to processing as well as about the communications made to them, where appropriate, or to obtain the rectification, cancellation, modification or opposition to the processing of their personal data, in accordance with the procedure created by Inciensoshop.com for this purpose.
These rights may be exercised by written notification addressed to Emmanuel Torras Mata , Anselm Clave 26, bajos - CP 08182 - San Feliu de Codines - Barcelona - Spain.

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