Properties and benefits of essences and organic oils Esential Aroms


1.- The Esential Aroms Brand: the best in essences, essential oils and organic oils with their properties and benefits.

1.1- Why buy organic essences and oils from Esential Aroms?

Essential'arôms is a company dedicated to the field of aromatherapy scientific and the cosmetics natural phyto-aromatherapy for more than 20 years.

Born out of the concern and the passion for aromatic plantswho offer us their nice y valuable aromatic compounds, and of a respect deep in nature. We are based on the study and the deepening of the properties of aromatic plants and their essential oils, opening us to this wonderful world of aromatherapy and the natural cosmetics that are made with it and always maintaining as an objective not to alter what nature offers us

1.2- The high principles of Esential Aroms and its organic and organic products

Respect This principle enables us to offer our customers essential oils, cosmetics and aromatherapeutic products 100% naturalwith the highest standard of quality in aromatherapy and cosmetics phyto-aromatherapeutics

The choice and selection of raw materials in their original state which have not undergone any transformations, changes no adulteration enables us to innovate and develop unique products. eco-responsible within a concept of quality for a customer who seeks to be in harmony with nature within a holistic concept, where the health goes hand in hand with beauty and the welfare.

You can buy essences and also buy organic oils and essential oils from Esential Aroms in our online shop!


2.- Human Capital and Cutting-Edge Innovation

Our human capital is made up of a group of 60 professionals.

This is a premise essential to adapt year after year to the market and to be able to offer the best.

Cutting-edge solutions for health. We have the capacity to innovation y constant attention to the search to answer the requirements y evolution of the market.

3.- Benefits and properties of Esential Aroms natural and organic products

We use synergies between the natural world and the formulation of our products: essences, essential oils and natural oils from organic production.

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3.1- Committed to health and wellness thanks to our natural 100% products

More than 20 years detecting needs related to the health and providing solutions based on natural remedies -which include apitherapy, phytotherapy, aromatherapy, yemotherapy, oligotherapy and phytonutrients - always framed within a alkaline diet based on the principles of the Mediterranean diet and in communion with the macrobiotic and energetic diet, which have much to contribute to our health. western culture.

Advising how to run a healthy lifestylehealthy by nature, teaching how to get started in a natural lifeWhat steps to take and how to stay in it. By publicising and disseminating the latest scientific advances of natural active ingredients that can help us to prevent y keep us in a optimal health.


Holistic aspect


All our complements y tips are focused on enhancing health holistically or comprehensively, i.e. they include aspects of physical health, psychological y emotional of the human being.


We adapt to the needs of our world, of our planet. A project of R&D&I alive, on the move, always researching and responding to new needs. Always thinking about how to help more y best.


For every need




Wish y act to provide the greatest welfare to others, to our clients, to our friends, to create a network, collaboration, harmony. Providing the tools fundamental y effective for boosting your health.

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