We will divide this short guide into 2 sections where we will explain how to maintain a correct cleaning and energetic charge of the Eggs Yoni.

In order to properly clean the Yoni Eggswe must pour 250 ml boiled water in a container that can hold the egg. After allowing it to cool, add a teaspoon of sea salt and put in our egg, then leave it to stand overnight.
The next day it has been rinse the egg under running water. If we use the Yoni EggIf not, it is necessary to clean it weekly, otherwise it is sufficient to clean it once a month.

All Yoni Eggs are antivirals y antibacterialThey can remain inside for a long time without any risk. We remind you that Yoni Eggs are from personal and individual use.

Fractal incensoshop Cleaning and energetic charging of yoni eggs


Fractal Aquatic Fantasy incensoshop Cleansing and energetic charging of yoni eggs

Yoni Eggs bring us different sensations and benefits, depending on the energy that it transmits to us. Although this energy is not infinite, we can energetically recharge our Yoni Eggs in different ways:
1. Putting our egg in a glass or bowl with salted water, or if we have the sea water option, and leaving it to rest under the light of the crescent or full moon.
2. Obsidian yoni eggs can be left to rest in a handful of sea salt.
3. Preparing an infusion of sage, lavender or rose, dip your yoni egg in it after letting it cool.
4. We can use instruments such as drums, bowls or gongs to recharge our egg with musical vibrations.

If you are interested in cleansing and energetic charging of your Yoni Eggswe recommend you to follow the guide that we leave you at this link in order to be able to apply your egg correctly.
Also, if you want to know a little bit more about the Yoni Eggswe offer you in this link data on its origin and benefits.
However, if you don't count with your Yoni Egg and what you have read interests you, we invite you to check out our yoni egg catalogue with this other link.

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