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  • Esential Aroms body oil 13,90 (VAT included)

    Esential Aroms Sensual Massage Body Oil 50 ml

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    This oil of Body Massage 100% natural from Esential Aroms aims to relax y wake up our sensuality y vitality. In this oil we will find a blending of essences 100% organic with the vegetable oils 100% natural. This massage oil has the property of moisturise y nurture skin, as well as being highly beneficial since we tones, stimulates and reduces our fatigueBuy it in our online shop of essences!

  • Esential Aroms body oil 19,95 (VAT included)

    Esential Aroms Rosehip body oil 50 ml

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    The body oil of Rosehip from Esential Aromsis known as a vegetable and organic oil regenerator for the skin. This oil has powerful antioxidant properties, highly beneficial for the skin. nutritious y moisturiser for the skin. It also has a regenerator y healing. This oil is very suitable for ageing and aging skin. prevents the emergence of the wrinkles and of the stains on the skin. Buying organic Rose Hip Oil 100% in our online shop guarantees you the quality of the products, and with the care we take in choosing the nature of the Rose Hip Oil we offer you!

  • Esential Aroms body oil 25,90 (VAT included)

    Esential Aroms Organic Argan Body Oil 100% 100ml

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    Organic argan oil from Esential Aroms is an excellent moisturiser for the skin. Its benefits include its ability to rejuvenate skin and reduce wrinkles. It is of great help to treating acneas well as being an excellent conditioner for hair. It is also recognised as having nutritious y antioxidants on our skin. The reason for all these benefits is due to its high content of essential fatty acids, natural vitamin E and phytosterols. Buy it in our online shop of essences.

  • Esential Aroms body oil 22,00 (VAT included)

    Synergy Rosehip Body Oil Esential Aroms

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    The oil Rosehip and Argan Synergy 100% natural of Esential Aromsis a dry, organic oil with properties regenerative e moisturisers. With a very high level of absorption for the skin, which reduces y delete the wrinkles. Due to its rapid filtration characteristics, it does not leave fatty residues. Its benefits include its ability to nutritious, regenerative y antioxidant. These properties make it possible to maintain the elasticity, luminosity, smoothness y youth of the skin. Product masterfully formulated containing the oils of Rosehip, Argan and seed of Red Vine. Buy Synergy Rosehip and Argan Oil 100% organic in our online shop gives you access to a natural antidote to maintain youth!

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