Metal burner for natural resin with wooden base

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Brass burner with a elegant wooden base design ideal for easy and safe burning of resin incense. Thanks to its wooden base you avoid burns and stains on surfaces. Its metallic design makes it easy to use when collecting the remains of the resin, avoiding burns on your hands. And you can buy it in our online shop

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Everything you need to know about the wood-based metal resin burner

Burner metal with wooden base. Ideal for burning incense resins in a natural way. safe, avoiding burns and collect the hot resins as they fall. It is also equipped with a lid to be able to support our resins when combustionan and serve as a container. 

Features, properties and benefits of the wood-based metal resin burner

The metal burner with wooden base imported from India is the perfect tool for burning natural resins. Its metallic design traps the resin residues and prevents them from fouling, making it the perfect tool for burning natural resins. easy to empty and cleanespecially for users who use high volume resins. In addition, its elegant and beautifully crafted gold and polished finishTogether with its wooden stand to prevent the surface from burning when heated, this burner is a complete eye-catcher and is sure to receive compliments on its appearance. elegantclassy style and geometric shape.

In addition, the resin that burns emits positive vibrations that help to keep calm and meditate peacefully. It is an excellent choice for a modern gift for the home.

Main properties and characteristics of the wood-based metal resin burner

  • Set of a wooden base and the metal burner
  • For the combustion of natural resins
  • Elegant and compact design with a beautiful finish and gold colour
  • Protects surfaces and contains resin ashes

Presentation of the metal burner for resin with wooden base

Set of metal burner and wooden support of about 120 grams of weight.
100% original without animal by-products.

Additional information on the metal resin burner with wood base

Natural resin burners are an effective way to enjoy the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of natural resins, but it is important to follow certain precautions to ensure safe and healthy use.

  1. Make sure you have good ventilation in the room where you are burning the resins. Smoke and odours can be irritating to some people and can cause respiratory problems.
  2. Make sure the burner is on a stable and safe surface. Do not place it near flammable objects or on a surface that can be damaged by heat.
  3. Do not use the burner in an enclosed space or in an area where people or pets may be affected by smoke or odour.
  4. Do not exceed the recommended amount of resin to be burned at any one time, as this may generate excessive smoke and odour.
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      metalic natural resin burner incensoshop tantra press 1Metal burner for natural resin with wooden base
      9,90 (VAT included)

      Availability: In stock

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