Charcoal tablets for the combustion of natural resins in pack of 10 units

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This pack of 10 charcoal tablets of the brand name 7 stars is to burn resin at grain. This coal is not aromatic and does not smell a gunpowder. The duration of this tablet is very long and issues a large amount of heat. Because of its shape rounded y convex You can purchase these efficient and clean tablets in our online shop of essences and incense from India!

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Everything you need to know about charcoal tablets

Pack of 10 tablets of coal of the 7-star brand, for burning resin at grain in a simple way. This charcoal is not aromatic and does not smell of gunpowder. By using the charcoal resin tablets in an incense burner, you can enjoy a purer and less polluting aroma.

Characteristics, properties and benefits of charcoal pills

These tablets of coal for incense are easily and instantly ignited. These tablets have a long duration and they give off a lot of heat. These charcoal pellets are shaped like rounded y convex in order to be able to place the resins in its surface and that do not spill. This tube contains 10 tablets charcoal. The packaging is made of aluminium for the preservation of the tablets.

Main properties and characteristics of charcoal tablets

  • Easy and immediate combustion tablets
  • Long life and high calorific value
  • Wrapped in aluminium for better preservation
  • Round and convex shape for easy burning of resins

Presentation of charcoal tablets

These charcoal tablets come in a foil wrapper with 10 tablets (1 packet).
Packaged individual.
If you want to have a 10% additional discount you can purchase the large box of this product.

Additional information on charcoal pellets

The coal is a fossil fuel, which is the end product of a series of accumulated plants that grew from approximately 359 million years. The charcoal comes from what were once tropical rainforests in conditions swampyOver the years, these forests have been submerged and emerged several times over the course of time to form coal. There are different types of coal, which are classified according to their humiditythe calorific valuethe flammability and the percentage of ashes.

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      charcoal tablet conch 1Charcoal tablets for the combustion of natural resins in pack of 10 units
      1,40 (VAT included)

      Availability: In stock

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